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Our Custom Strategy For Getting You

In Front of Vacation Property Owners:


  1. Define Your Perfect Property Profile
  2. Find the Owner Information
  3. Build Highly Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  4. Start Reaching out to Property Managers
  5. Set Up A Time With You And Your Prospective Property Owner To Meet

What if there were a way to automatically generate new homeowner leads more often?

How It Works


The Strategy


Have you ever heard the phrase, “The money’s in the list”? Well, we couldn’t agree more. Having an up-to-date, high quality list of homeowners to reach out to is the first step in a successful owner acquisition campaign. We take prospecting very seriously and so should you. We find all of your prospects’ information, from their name, address, and phone number to their email address, Facebook profile, and more. We take the steps to ensure that we leave no stone unturned when finding your owner information. Then, not only do we manually compile all of this data, but we update it every month. That’s right – you get a list of fresh owners each month. This attention to detail is designed to give you as much of an advantage as possible. After all, fruitful prospecting is most likely when you have all the accurate and reliable information you need right at your fingertips.

Direct Mail


Traditional methods of prospecting are still effective, so that’s why we incorporate direct mail in our strategy. We market to existing second homeowners, as well as new homeowners to ensure you’re getting the right message into the right hands. Direct mail marketing has a fair amount of success when it comes to getting the word out about your vacation rental program. Even better, it provides an affordable and practical route to getting more owners. Our campaigns start as low as 46 cents per lead.

Initial Social Media Branding & Follow Up


After we’ve put together your marketing list, we match each name with their Facebook or LinkedIn profile. This way, your prospect not only receives your direct mail but they simultaneously receive the same message on Facebook. This technique helps to increase awareness of your vacation rental program, which in turn, leads to more inquiries from homeowners. The same marketing message across different mediums can be very compelling especially to those new homeowners who are still trying to work through the ins and outs of owning a vacation rental.

Email Outreach Campaign

Email outreach is an easy way to get in front of owners to whom you’ve already sent direct mail. After we’ve reached out to your prospect with direct mail and online marketing, we’ll follow up with a quick email. This puts you in front of them one more time, giving you another opportunity to bring them into your program. We try to combine our email outreach efforts with engaging and enticing messages and/or offers. This results in higher quality leads and a greater likelihood that the homeowner will join your program.


Online Follow Up

When an owner clicks on your email, advertisement, or goes to a URL shown in your direct mail campaign, they’re added to your online follow up system. This system makes it easy to identify great leads, stay in front of those prospects, and entice them to schedule a meeting to learn more about your services. This system perfectly complements all of our other owner marketing strategies. As another saying goes, “fortune is in the follow up.” We strive to make our follow up process as straightforward and effective as possible in order to give you the results you want.

Reports & Tracking

We track every aspect of your campaign, including phone calls, clicks, website visits, and much more. This gives us the chance to better understand the results of our marketing efforts. Then, we can tweak and optimize as necessary to give you even better results. In addition, we give you access to your tracking dashboard so you can see campaign results firsthand.

If you were handed the perfect lead, what would this mean for your business?

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