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Full Service Marketing Package

For a more comprehensive approach to your business’ marketing strategy, Vacation Rental Marketers’ Full Service Marketing Package may be just what you’re looking for. The Full Service Package combines all the elements of our SEO and Link Building Package with our Content Marketing Package. This is especially ideal for those vacation rental businesses, hotels, or resorts who are interested in overhauling their current marketing strategy with techniques that can offer both short- and long-term results. While some companies may find that using one package instead of the other will provide the benefits they’re looking for, these packages are extremely effective when implemented together.

When you choose the Full Service Marketing Package, you can rest assured that your travel or accommodation business will receive the customized strategy it needs in order to maximize its online exposure. Below, we’ll detail exactly what’s included in both elements of the Full Service Package so you can determine if it’s the best fit for your business’ needs.

SEO and Link Building

At VR Marketers, we use a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and link building techniques to help your travel company rise in search results rankings. With the proper SEO techniques, your business can appear as one of the top organic listings in search results. This is especially important as the top four listings in search results tend to receive 96% of all the clicks. In addition, those listings that are at the top are perceived more favorably and as having more authority than those that rank lower. As the majority of consumers use search engines to start their purchase and research processes, it’s more important than ever that your business shows up prominently online.

We’ll start the process by taking a very close look at your Google Search Console and Analytics. This will help us to get information we need about your website so we can start with a custom link building strategy. We’ll look at the anchor text on your website, any incoming links, and website metrics. We’ll find out how your business shows up in local search results and identify the necessary steps to improve that ranking. Then we’ll provide you with a custom link building and project tracker. We update the tracker daily so you can see exactly what we’re working on and what progress we’ve made. The tracker will include information like our plans for links and content pages, links we’re planning on pitching, and all links we’ve secured – essentially, it covers everything we’re doing for your. We want you to be in the loop for every step of our process.

As we get underway with our process, your business will gain more authority, which will help it to rank higher in search results. Link building can be a time intensive process, so while you may not see results immediately, the results you do see will be high quality and long lasting. Local SEO efforts can have quicker results in some instances. And, should we find something that you can do on your end to produce fast results, we’ll give you all the information you need to take care of those items.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has come to play a large part in the travel and vacation accommodations industry as more businesses have realized just how effective it can be. But still, many companies don’t use this strategy because it’s a process that involves time to implement and time to see the results. Content marketing is one of the most important factors that Google uses when ranking your website. It also results in three times as many leads as outbound marketing at less than half the cost.

This form of marketing is less focused on promoting your brand and more focused on providing audiences with valuable information that they want to read or, in the case of video, that they want to watch. It’s buyer-driven as opposed to sales-driven. With an abundance of high quality content on your site, it will rank higher in organic search results and get more traffic. In addition, it will help your business build relationships with customers and establish your company¬†as an authority.

Our content marketing process begins with extensive research. We’ll find out what your customers are interested in, what they’re searching for, what content is already out there, and which topics may have been overlooked. Then, we’ll get started creating great content in different forms, including articles, videos, infographics, and more. Developing wonderful content is just one step of the process, though. Your content will need to be distributed. We’ll get eyes on your new content through techniques like link outreach, email newsletters, and social media. Our content marketing strategy also includes retargeting advertising campaigns, travel guide publication, custom landing page creation, and banner ad creation.

Get Your Business Primed for Success

All the elements of our Full Service Marketing Package work together to give your travel or accommodation business a leg up on your competitors. You’ll enjoy an abundance of online exposure which will get you more site visitors, more bookings, and more revenue. Partner with Vacation Rental Marketers today so you can start getting the online traffic you deserve.