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Sharpening Perspective: Theme and Imagery for Your Travel Blog

Sharpening Perspective: Theme and Imagery for Your Travel Blog

If you have a business that caters to travelers, investors in vacation properties, or any customers who travel, a blog can be one of your greatest assets. People want to learn as much as possible about destinations before visiting. Even when it comes to places with which they’re already familiar, a blog keeps these destinations fresh in their minds. You can also keep them updated with the latest events and developments for the places you cover.

Choose Your Focus 

Blogging is an activity that has a variety of benefits. It helps to establish you as an expert of your city or region. It can help you get leads and signups to your email list. Regular blogging is also good for SEO as the more posts you have, the more content there is for Google to index.

A travel blog can take many forms. Your focus partly depends on whether your business is based in a single destination or multiple ones. If you have a hotel or vacation rental company based in a specific location, you’ll naturally want to focus your content on that area. You might cover surrounding areas as well. For example, if you have a hotel or other vacation rental in Las Vegas, you might also discuss destinations such as The Grand Canyon, which is a popular day trip from Las Vegas. On the other hand, if you have a chain of hotels in different cities you’ll want to cover a wider range of destinations.

One of the most important principles of blogging is consistency. Blogging on a regular schedule gives your readers a chance to fall into the habit of seeing your posts. It also ensures that your content is up to date.

The Importance of Images

Every type of blog is improved by relevant and appealing images. With travel blogging, however, it’s particularly important to provide strong visuals. A photo, whether of a city street, natural attraction, or annual event, brings the place to life and compels people to make travel plans. Use high-quality images, preferably original ones. Showing stock photos that are all over the internet doesn’t help you build your own brand and actually detracts from your message. Videos can be even more compelling. With a video, you can give people a short tour of your property, city, or neighborhood. Live stream videos on Facebook Live or other live streaming platforms are another possibility.

Learn more about blogging for destination and travel businesses in our upcoming posts.

The Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging


When you put your vacation rental online, you might be tempted to forgo including a blog on your website. After all, who’s going to take the time to read your blog if they’re busy trying to decide if they want to rent your home or condo? There may be a bit of truth to that. Potential guests who get to your site may only be interested in learning more about your vacation rental. This may be because they reached your site using search terms that match up with your property. But, once you include a blog with quality content, you can expand your online reach and increase the number of potential guests with whom you make contact.

For example, if your vacation rental is in an area well-known for its dining scene, utilize your blog to highlight some of the great restaurants nearby. By combining good content and keywords, your blog post will rank higher in search results and be seen by a wider variety of Internet users. You may reach local people who are simply looking for a place to eat, but you’ll also reach future guests who are doing a bit of research for their vacation. The more quality content you have, the more useful and trustworthy your site becomes.

It may seem that blogging for your site is a lot of extra work – and it can be. That’s where VR Marketers comes in. Not only can we help you get a blog set up, but we can create content for you. Whether you’re interested in weekly blog posts or posts on a more infrequent basis, we’ll write quality content that’s informative and accurate so your site is seen by more people.